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Crystal Therapy

A beautiful therapy, using placement of semi -precious stones - can help relax and revitalise

45 minute appointment - £30

30 minute appointment - £20


A deeply relaxing session that helps to still the mind

45 minute appointment - £28

30 minute appointment - £18

Face The World holistic facial

a truly unique facial that combines beautiful , paraben-free products, music and therapy techniques to provide the client with a gorgeous, luxurious experience! 

45 min appointment - £35.00

Inch loss body wrap: a great way to kickstart a new health regime ! You'll be measured, product willbe applied to the skin, then you;ll be wrapped andlie on a heated couch for 45 mins,before being unwrapped and remeasured . We've found our average inch loss is around 7.5!

65min appointment: £40.00 


Reflexology works on the principle that every organ and system of the body has a corresponding point or zone in the feet. Gentle pressure is applied to zones and points on the feet during treatment.

45 minute appointment- £32

Special offer- book 4 treatments for a total cost of £100.

Flower essences

Essences are said to be helpful in addressing emotional issues and supporting individuals in stressful times . A full consultation will be carried out to establish your needs and appropriate essences will be selected for your use. Please note that essences contain alcohol.

Course of 3 sessions - £48.00

Stress Management

A stress management session incorporates a full consultation to help identify your stressors and reactions to them, and a range of suitable strategies to help keep stress levels manageable, as well as a holistic therapy treatment for stress reduction. Our aim is to support you in managing your own stress in a sustainable way , and your sessions will be unique to you and your needs.

We recommend a course of sessions , and offer discounts for carers - please contact Karin at [email protected] for more details.

45 minute appointment - £30

Course of 6 sessions - £150 when booked and paid in advance.

Body scrub and skin conditioning wrap

Using luxurious Elixea spa products to buff, polish and deeply condition your skin .

45 minute appointment- £45